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Contact is everything!

Some of us spend a lot of time and money to get the best website, to get more trafic, and with the same goal : get contacts.
How to be sure to get all of them, to track them and to manage them?



If you use ContactForm7 or another contact form plugin, you need to have a database to stock all your messages.


Based on the five stars CFDB wordpress open source plugin. CFDB Upgraded!


All the stats you need to follow your messages: view by month (how many?), by type (usefull or not), by treatment (todo or done).

The best way to follow your contacts

Do you know, without counting, how many useful contacts you get each month this year? Probably not.
Get this number easily and see your progress!

All your messages are important?

Sometimes we receive fake message or spam. But how to track them in order to not include it in your stats and to temperate your conversion rate! Really, it's painfull to do it. No, it was!

How to follow received messages?

1, 2, or more people who manage messages sent through your website, sometimes it's important to know if someone take care about the last message! Now, it's easy.

Famous Integrations

More than 15 integrations with leading contact form solution.
You can use severals forms and even if you change, that will still work.

ContactForm 7

Augmenter vos contacts

More Than You Think

Contactic relies on open-source software and likes to give back to the community. We made a fork of CFDB Contact Form DB and we added some really great features and UX, all for free!

Why CFDB, why Contactic?

Built for

Become the super Hero of your messsages!


Follow your messages even with your mobile or tablet.


Contactic is fully customizable so you can set it up the way you want to.


Where you want, as you want. Shortcodes created by CFDB are easy to use and so helpful!

One to rule them all

Over 15 integrations with leading contact form solution, even if you change, that will still work!


Manage your contacts and messages easily in your own softwares: excel, google spreadsheet...


We do our best to help you!
Found a bug? We'll find a solution, quickly.

Stay Tuned

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