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The shortcode [ cfdb-table ] allows you to display your data in a standard table.

To know: you have many generic options to handle the data with this shortcode.
You can find them on the Shortcode Options page.

wdt_ID Option Exemple Description
1 id [cfdb-table form="monform" id="monid"] Permet d'ajouter l'attribut id sur la balise du tableau (table)
2 class [cfdb-table form="monform" class="maclass"] Permet d'ajouter l'attribut class sur la balise du tableau (table)
3 style [cfdb-table form="myform" style="th{background-color:red;}"] Injecte un code CSS au sein de la balise du tableau (table) afin de pouvoir modifier le style de ce que vous voulez.


[ cfdb-table form="Form example" style="th{background-color:black;}" ]

We added the option to directly integrate a CSS style. We indicate that we wish on the header of the table (tag th), a background of black color and a text of white color.

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