The shortcode allows you to generate an HTML link which, when clicked, will download a CSV file or other pre-defined format file.

This offers the same options as the links available in the administration but with the possibility of mounting it directly on the site.

To know: you have many generic options to handle the data with this shortcode.
You can find them on the Shortcode Options page.

wdt_ID Option Exemple Description
1 filelinks [cfdb-html form="monform" filelinks="img"] Sélectionnez les modes de sorties des champs de fichier téléchargé : url,name,link,img
2 stripbr [cfdb-html form="monform" stripbr="true"] Si 'true', toutes les balise "" seront supprimées de la sortie. L'objectif est de supprimer les balises BR que WordPress génère avec wpautop. Vous pouvez utiliser un plugin pour désactiver wpautop


To use this shortcode, it’s a little different than for others. The interest is indeed to be able to format the results and not to keep the table format.

That’s why you have to indicate the beginning and the end of the tag

[ cfdb-html form="Form example" show="your-name" ] 
[ / cfdb-html ]

The result at this shortcode is as follows:

  • Dupont12
  • Dupont10
  • Dupont9
  • Dupont8
  • Dupont7
  • Dupont6
  • Dupont5
  • Dupont4
  • Dupont3
  • Dupont2
  • Dupont
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