Sometimes it’s not possible to have the email column populated correctly in the Overview menu, for the simple reason that the plugin can’t figure out which field is used.

In order to have this column feeded with your form’s email field, you will have to find which name you (or your form plugin) gave the the input field that is collecting email addresses.

For example, in Contact Form 7, we have found the name used for the email field is: field-123.

Copy the name of this field, and navigate to the Options page.

Go to Admin View, and look for the input containing %email%,…

Append your field name here. Don’t forget to add the comma ‘,‘ and be sure theyour field name is encapsulated between ‘%‘.

In our example, this means that we will add following string:


Click on Save Changes, go back to the Overview page… you’ll be able to see email addresses, collected from field-123, within the email column!

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