Welcome to Contactic WordPress Plugin, the best contact management solution for all your web interaction.

Contactic will help you to get always more and more great contacts and to manage them as they deserve it!

Why did you create this amazing plugin?

At first, thank you for the compliment!

Contactic WordPress Plugin is a fork of the old CFDB Plugin.

It was a real great plugin that we used in the past and we wanted to update it in order to (re)publish it on WordPress Plugins directory.

What can I expect?

At first, to save all  your contacts!

In fact, the first problem you could meet with a contact form is to loose some contacts. It could happen because of technical bugs (wp, plugins, hosting…), or a problem when the message has been sent (server, mail providers…).

With Contactic, it’s not possible anymore. All your messages, after visitors click on the “Send” button, will be registered.

The next problem is to know which page or campaign have the best conversion rate… but it’s important only if contacts sent are useful. And the only way to follow this is to add this information somewhere. Guess where… In our amazing Contactic Plugin. You got it! Cheers!

At last, you will be able to indicate, quickly, if someone processed the message. Because sometimes it’s difficult to remember what we did the last week and we waste our time to find the good answer. And guess what’s happen if there is 2 or more people in charge to do the same task…

So, we with the new CFDB plugin, you will supercharge your WordPress to be efficient and professional!

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. Install it and… that’s all!

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